Looking For The Best Motorcycle Covers For Outdoors?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – XYZCTEM All Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover.

#1 Best Motorcycle Covers For Outdoors


Whether you ride a cruiser, crotch rocket, or moped, you should always keep your bike properly covered when it’s outside for extended periods of time. Leaving your bike unprotected in the driveway or on the street leaves it susceptible to sun damage on sunny days, water damage on rainy days, and an increased risk of being knocked over on windy days.

The end result is always the same—damaged paint, scratched windshields, cracked seats, mildew, dust, or even rust damage. Do yourself (and your bike) a favor and invest in a quality cover that’s waterproof, windproof, and protects against UV rays.


What to look for in a motorcycle cover

As you’re searching around for the best motorcycle cover for your bike, here are a few tips on what to look for in a quality cover that can stand the test of time outdoors:

  • Waterproof – look for thick polyester material with precision seams for all-around water protection.
  • Wind resistance – a good cover should protect your bike from damage during windstorms without creating the “balloon effect” where a cover inflates and topples your bike. To protect against the balloon effect, look for a cover with built-in air vents, a strong elastic hem that hugs your bike’s base, and one or more straps.
  • Lock holes – if you’re concerned about your bike’s security, look for a cover that has lock holes that you can thread a chain lock through.
  • Size – this one’s a no-brainer, but make sure the cover you buy is large enough to fit your bike. On the flip side, make sure the cover isn’t too big or you’ll have a greater risk of creating a balloon effect during windstorms.


XYZCTEM All Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best XYZCTEM All Season motorcycle covers for outdoors

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If you’re looking for the top-rated motorcycle cover with the most recommendations, this is it. The XYZCTEM All Season Black Waterproof Motorcycle Cover offers a universal size that’s large enough to cover up to 108” motorcycles. The cover is designed to reduce heat, release moisture, and let your bike breathe without letting the rain or harmful UV rays through.

It provides breathable protection to keep your seat from cracking, your paintjob from fading, and your bike looking as fresh as the day you got it. The cover is made with 180T polyester taffeta-coated PU materials that are soft, lightweight, water repellent, mildew resistant, and non-abrasive. It’s also easy to install and secure with lock holes and a windproof buckle, and the elastic hems will hold the cover in place even when it gets windy.


  • Extra-large cover fits up to 108″ Motorcycles
  • Breathable protection reduces heat and releases moisture
  • Constructed with high-quality 180T polyester taffeta-coated PU materials
  • Quick and easy installation with lock holes and a windproof buckle
  • Wind-resistant elastic hem
  • Includes a free storage bag


Badass Moto Gear Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best Badass Moto Gear motorcycle covers for outdoors

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I’d buy this motorcycle cover just for the company name stitched on the front (that, and the fact that it has rave reviews, of course). The Badass Moto Gear Waterproof Motorcycle Cover was designed by real American bikers, and it’s constructed with professional quality materials and workmanship. The premium 300D polyester fabric incorporates the latest waterproof coating technology, the taped seams provide superior water protection, and the double-vented design prevents mildew and condensation from forming on your seat.

An elastic hem and securing strap keep everything locked down on even the windiest days, too. The cover comes loaded with valuable features like hidden pockets with reinforced grommets for locks and alarms, and a soft lining for the windshield. There’s also a metallic heat shield over the exhaust area so you can cover your bike sooner after your ride without having to wait for it to cool down.


  • Constructed with professional-grade materials and workmanship
  • Hidden pockets with reinforced grommets
  • Soft lining for the windshield
  • Taped seams for superior water protection
  • Double-vented
  • Durable elastic hem and securing strap keep the cover steady at all times
  • Metallic heat shielding over the exhaust area
  • Reflective trim
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large


Nuzari Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Best Nuzari motorcycle covers for outdoors

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The Nuzari Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Motorcycle Cover offers a 100% waterproof layer of tough protection to keep your bike safe from dust, water, and other environmental hazards that can scratch and ruin your finish. To protect against the ballooning effect that can knock your bike over during high winds, the cover incorporates built-in air vents, a reinforced elastic hem, and a luggage strap for extra security.

The increased circulation also helps prevent the formation of rust and mildew. For those of you who park your bike on the street overnight, there’s a reflective strip on the front and sides that can reflect a vehicle’s oncoming lights up to a ½-mile away, and there are lock holes for additional security against thieves. There’s also an interior heat shield that protects the cover from melting or scorching when it comes in contact with a hot engine or pipes, with a heat rating of 150 degrees.


  • Built-in air vents, elastic hem, and luggage strap to prevent ballooning effect
  • Increased circulation prevents mildew and rust
  • Reflective stripes on the front and sides
  • Heat shield rating of 150 degrees
  • Lock holes for additional security


Anglink Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best Anglink motorcycle covers for outdoors

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The Anglink Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is built with high-quality 210D Oxford fabric that’s significantly more resistant to weather, wear, and tears than standard motorcycle covers. With its precision two-thread stitching and solid seams, it’s guaranteed to last 2 – 3 times longer than average. The cover can withstand up to 2,000 Pa of water pressure (most covers top off at 800 Pa), so your bike will stay dry through even the largest storms.

There are lock holes for extra security, an elastic cord around the hem, and an adjustable buckle strap that come in handy on windy days, too. Reflective warning stripes on the front make sure your bike is always visible from the road, and it comes with a free drawstring bag for convenient transport. The largest cover fits bikes up to 104-inches-long, though you can swap out for a small or medium-size cover if you’d like a tighter fit on a smaller bike. Best of all there’s a 3-year warranty, so you can trust that this purchase will last you for a long time.


  • Exceptional UV-ray protection
  • Constructed with high-quality 210D Oxford fabric and precision two-thread seams
  • Lock holes, elastic hem, and adjustable strap
  • Reflective stripes
  • Fits bikes up to 104-inches long
  • 3-Year warranty


LIHAO Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best LIHAO motorcycle covers for outdoors

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Last but not least is the LIHAO Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. This puppy is constructed with 190D polyester and features top-notch protection from rain, dust, and harmful UV rays. There’s a windproof stabilizer buckle and elasticized hem for those extra-windy days, and lock holes that allow a chain lock to pass through for additional protection. The kit also comes with a storage bag for simple transport.


  • Made with 190D waterproof polyester
  • Provides protection against rain, dust, and harmful UV rays
  • Windproof stabilizer buckle and elasticized hem
  • Lock holes
  • Includes a storage bag



All 5 of these motorcycle covers offer complete protection against any type of environmental damage, so it all comes down to personal preference.

The XYZCTEM All Season cover is an attractive buy with stellar reviews and the best value, but don’t let that rule out the other options for you. Consider your bike’s size, what conditions your bike will be subjected to, your budget, and your aesthetic preference to make the best decision.